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The keys to success of infrastructure security
  • Infrastructure and Networking

Computer security: a major challenge for your business.

It takes nothing to say that over the past decades, computer technology has been the heart of business strategy and development. A vulnerable computer system can lead to catastrophic consequences for a company, even including bankruptcy.

According to a recent study, 91% of companies experienced a security problem in the last 12 months. Among these, 30% of them have lost data and 10% say that the data was strategic to their business. 

In the case of permanent data loss during a computer crash, for example, if the volume data is important, this can lead to bankruptcy of the company. Namely that 80% of companies that experienced a major computer crash file for bankruptcy.

The first thing to do in computer security is to minimize, eliminate the risk of data loss to ensure continuity in your business. The solution to this is nothing but the establishment of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). 70% of companies filing bankruptcy within two years after a computer disaster had not adapted DRP.

Discover in this document the keys to success of infrastructure security. 

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